When I thought everything has to be in black and white, a person who I respect taught me this: “Everything in life is always better when it is in balance.”

At the time, I thought that the word, “equilibrium” or “balance” meant being somehow noncommittal and indefinite. So what I heard was quite new and refreshing. I had thought taking the non-committal or so-called moderate balanced line was vague, indecisive, halfhearted and frivolous. And I thought it was like being the bat in Aesop’s Fables. In other words, being a cunning being who would not commit to any position or side. The story goes like this

A long time ago, the clan of beasts and the clan of birds went to war. A very cunning (and perhaps non-committal) bat was watching what was taking place. When the family of beasts was at the advantage the bat showed up and said, “My body is covered with fur, so I am your kin.” When the clan of birds was winning, he showed up and said, “I have wings, so I am your kin.” After a while, the beasts and the birds settled their dispute. The war was over but the two-faced bat who changed sides a few times was shunned and chased away. Before long, the bat had no place to live, hid itself deep in a dark cave, and flew around only during the night.

The Japanese title of this Aesop’s Fables is named “The Coward Bat”. Is it really true as the title says or is it the general view that a bat is a coward? From a different perspective, this story can be understood as a bat being an extremely clever tactician who is flexible and innovative, and using original ideas to deal with very difficult situations and who was willing to take risks. Everything can change depending on how you see, hear, understand, interpret a situation.

The Moral of the Story for Me: There is not always only one answer whether it is about evaluating the bat, ourselves or our dogs.

The person who gave me this advice about being in balance is my best friend’s father. And this advice has a second but related part to it. He also said:

“A person who enjoys going to all kinds of restaurant, including a hole in the wall, will have much more fun, and live a richer, more well-balanced life than the one who only goes to expensive Michelin star restaurants. That is who I want my daughter to become.”

The beauty of the diamond shines only after being skillfully cut and well balanced —and then it is multi-faceted. Everything in life can have a multi-faceted perspective. Through that perspective there will be new views, discoveries and findings-- and full realization of your potential.

For you and your Fur Babies, UNIFIDO promises five Fs:

Fair observation
Fun experience

Priceless time being together will be enriched.
The bond between you and your precious dogs will be reinforced and deepened.
Lots of Smiles, full of Love and Health will be gained for you and your dogs.

UNIFIDO will bring The Heart of Balance to the world.

Aug.11th 2019


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